Prabh & Neil’s Winter Wedding


Neil and Prabh met in Melbourne, Australia. They were both living there at the time and were friends first for about a year or so and then it sparked into more! Neither of them had any family in Melbourne, so they became very close very quickly. “We became each other’s support network. We are the opposite in so many ways, which is why we work so well together as there is a great balance. He is the type of person that can make anyone laugh without even trying.” 

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Sukh & Jason’s Sikh Wedding


Jason and Sukh worked together six years ago. From Sukh’s end, there was no physical attraction but a solid friendship. After Sukh changed jobs she kept in touch with Jason through friends and after a trip to Romania Jason declared how he truly felt about her. Shocked by this revelation, it took Sukh two months to adjust from friends to partners as she felt it was a big risk. The risk paid off and on their second trip to Romania Jason proposed!

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