A bride for one year and one day….a reflection on my first year of marriage


Having recently celebrated my one-year anniversary. I felt it was important to reflect on my first year of marriage and share what it has taught me.

I can’t believe I have been married for 1 whole year! Where has the year gone? I still talk about my wedding as it was the other day. My husbands great aunt told me I was allowed to be a bride for one year and one day so I felt it was acceptable to spend the entire year talking about my wedding!

Now the time has come to only talk about my wedding on the blog as people no longer care about my day as I am now old news and there are numerous wonderful weddings to look forward to!

So the big question I get asked all the time is ‘how is married life treating you?’

To be honest, not a lot has changed, if anything life is a lot easier as there is no wedmin to be done in the evenings, no big decisions to be made and no DIY to be done either, so I guess I would say it is blissful! It does feel different being married, I feel my husband and I are a real unit and we feel like a small family together.

So here are a few things that have changed in my life since getting married

1.The real joy of hearing about an engagement

Before getting engaged, I didn’t think much of people getting engaged but now it brings the biggest smile to my face! I LOVE hearing proposal stories, they are so special and such a celebration! I have special engagement flutes that I bring out whenever my friends get engaged to celebrate the occasion.


2.I absolutely love attending weddings more than ever before

I have always loved a wedding but now that I have organised one myself I appreciate each moment. I take in all the attention to detail, ensure I thank the entire party for the day and always send a thank you card afterwards. We received so many after the wedding and it was so nice to read everyone’s messages about the day.

3. I never cry, but ever since I’ve got married, weddings make me weep with happy tears! I just love the ceremony as know what the couple are feeling at the special moment in time.


4. I get the same question all the time!

Now that I ‘m married, everyone is keen to know when we will be having children. Be prepared for this question after your wedding, everyone asks! I personally feel it’s quite a personal thing to ask but I guess family are ready for the next big life event!

Things that have remained the same:

1. My surname

Now this is something I have been battling with since getting engaged, should I change my surname or not? I don’t really understand why women have to take the man’s name, why can’t it be the other way round? I love my surname as I feel it is part of me and my identity and by taking it away, I feel a part of my identify would be stripped away. Some may think this is over the top, as it’s only a name, but to me a surname is so much more than that. So currently I am having an identity crisis! I have taken my husbands surname on Facebook, have double – barrelled at work and have kept my own surname for everything else. I will make a decision soon…

2. Everyday life

I haven’t had to make many adjustments since getting married so my everyday life has remained the same!

3. My wedding dress

I had all these grand plans for my wedding dress, to donate it, change the colour, display it ,sell it etc. I have done nothing. It is still sat at my parent’s house on the hanger in my wardrobe. If you are planning on recycling your dress do it sooner rather than later or you will loose the drive, like I have :S

4. Wedding bouquet

Like the wedding dress I had big plans for the wedding bouquet, I wanted to put it in a box frame but didn’t do it in time so now the bouquet is dried up, looking brown in a box and I haven’t even got round to putting it in the bin. There are so many great things you can do with your bouquet so decide before the wedding what you want to do with it and get it sorted before the beautiful bouquet dries up.


I guess what I have learnt is that I’m not as proactive as I should be and I have more emotions then I let on! Most importantly I have learnt how special a marriage is as it’s not just about the person you marry but it is also about the love you share with both families, the foundations you create and the memories you make together.

So if you have recently got married or are engaged you have so much to look forward to once the wedding is over. Yes you will miss the planning, the honeymoon and the fun activities surrounding weddings but you will also have the 1-year anniversary to look forward to! 1 year represents paper so that can only mean one thing – a ticket to somewhere! I was very fortunate to go to Vietnam for my one year anniversary and it was as special as the honeymoon. If you can get away to celebrate, it really is worth it and is something to look forward to once the confetti has settled and daily routine kicks in again.

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