The all important proposal: Private or Public?

Proposal written in vapour trail

Prior to getting engaged I always thought I wanted the big public engagement, an aeroplane gliding along with the all important words, chilled champagne, people clapping and taking photos. A true celeb moment! After my engagement I am so grateful my Chris didn’t turn my dream into a reality!

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A bride for one year and one day….a reflection on my first year of marriage


Having recently celebrated my one-year anniversary. I felt it was important to reflect on my first year of marriage and share what it has taught me.

I can’t believe I have been married for 1 whole year! Where has the year gone? I still talk about my wedding as it was the other day. My husbands great aunt told me I was allowed to be a bride for one year and one day so I felt it was acceptable to spend the entire year talking about my wedding!

Now the time has come to only talk about my wedding on the blog as people no longer care about my day as I am now old news and there are numerous wonderful weddings to look forward to!

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