A toast to a master…is a toastmaster necessary for a fusion wedding?


When thinking about the logistics of a fusion wedding it can be extremely difficult working out how to plan the event and execute the day. Who is going to tell guests where to go? What to do? What customs to follow? This is the predicament I found when I was planning my fusion wedding; an English ceremony followed by an Indian reception. Most of my guests had only attended either an English or Indian wedding so I needed someone who would tie the two together and ensure everything ran smoothly.

That someone was the award-winning toastmaster Jonathan Waterman. I came across Jonathan online and was instantly drawn to his knowledge of fusion weddings. When we spoke, it was great to hear that he had an excellent understanding of Asian customs and traditions. He gave lots of suggestions based on his experiences of what worked well at similar weddings, what suppliers to use as well as many ideas for making our wedding that extra special.

Jonathan is not your ordinary toastmaster; he also offers his services during the planning stages such as the itinerary creation. This is really helpful as he therefore can help coordinate on the day as he knows and understands what the couple have planned and requested. Jonathan ensured he contacted all our suppliers a week before the wedding and he was the point of contact on the day so we didn’t have to worry about anything and our families could also relax and enjoy the day.

So do I think a toastmaster is necessary for a fusion wedding? Based on not having one for my big engagement party and having Jonathan on my wedding day, I would say a toastmaster is a MUST for a fusion wedding. Below are my reasons why:

  1. A toastmaster can be your point of contact on the day so all suppliers are communicating with one person
  2. Your toastmaster is your eyes and ears on the wedding day. They will ensure everything is perfect as they are on the outside looking in
  3. It enables your family members to have a great time without worrying about the logistics of the day
  4. Your guests have a point of contact to go to should they need any help
  5. A toastmaster guides your guests to where they need to be and at what time
  6. A toastmaster can explain any traditions and customs that your guests may not be familiar with
  7. A toastmaster can facilitate the room and get peoples attention when needed
  8. A toastmaster ensures a smooth, stress free day!

It is important to do your research when booking a toastmaster. You need someone who is going to fit in to the theme of your wedding and someone who can enhance your day.

If you are looking for a toastmaster who will coordinate your fusion wedding, ensure it runs smoothly and ties in cultures look no further, Jonathan will not disappoint!

If you are still unsure, I asked Jonathan some frequently asked questions on his expertise and why he should be your go to toastmaster.

  1. Why do you think a toastmaster is needed for a wedding? 

A good toastmaster will work closely with the couple from day one assisting with the fine tuning in order to ensure everything is perfect for the big day (this includes hair and make up). A good toastmaster should take the stress of the wedding day away from the couple and their family. They should bring direction, coordination, finesse and ensure the day runs to schedule so the couple can just enjoy what should be the happiest day of their lives.

  1. How did you learn about so many different cultures and traditions?

I have worked in the industry for a number of years and have always had a keen interest in learning about different cultures and traditions. I have mainly learnt through publications, the Internet and ensuring I learn as much as possible from every wedding I am a toastmaster for. I want to ensure my bride and groom are fully confident in my knowledge and what I offer.

  1. By having this extensive knowledge, do you feel you have an edge over other toastmasters?

I feel I have a very vast portfolio with a number of important testimonials such as venue reviews, video reviews from clients, guest book messages and more. I am fully conversant in all aspects of the wedding business; I would like to think this gives me the edge over my competitors.

  1. How do you work with a couple?

I sit down with the couple to understand their needs and requirements ensuring both the bride and groom have a voice. I am very adaptable to meet the unique requests of each couple.

I am familiar with most cultures so am in a position to recommend what traditions from each side should be maintained to have a balanced wedding. It is very important that the balance is correct, and to be very respectful to both parties.

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The complete toastmaster: www.thecompletetoastmaster.co.uk

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