How to survive wedding planning: My top tips for planning a stress free organised wedding.

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Planning a wedding is not easy. There are so many things to take into account and whilst I was planning mine I realised it was like having a second job. After a long day at work, my evenings and weekends were filled with wedmin. All my free time was dedicated to wedding planning and although I loved it, there were times when I’d simply had enough and wished I had eloped! My biggest advice to anyone planning a wedding is to stay organised! I had spread sheets, to do lists, reminders and a wedding dedicated room! So here are my top tips to get you through wedding planning

Allocate a wedding area in your home

I had several events leading up to my wedding; an engagement party for 300 people, a vintage tea party for 50 and a pre wed party for 100. There was a different theme for each event and lots of things were handmade. By dedicating a room to wedding prep, it allowed me to get in the zone and spend time organising each event. It also meant that I had everything I needed in one area so the rest of the house was tidy and there for no need to run around looking for a pen!


A sharpie will be your new best friend

I carried a sharpie around with me all the time! I ensured I labelled every box of wedding bits and wrote what was in each box. I even wrote instructions on where things needed to go and of how many. By doing this, it allowed people to set things up without me having to be there. It also allowed me to label any of my personal items so they didn’t get lost on the wedding day


You may think you have lots of time to plan but trust me it really does fly by especially if like me, you work long hours and evening time is limited.

Don’t leave things to the last minute as wedding jobs take time. Be sure to know how long it takes for your outfit to arrive, how in advance you need to book your band, make up artist, décor, florist, cake etc. Things get booked up very quickly so the sooner you book the more likely it is that you will get your first choice. To give you an idea on timings, my wedding outfit was made to order and took 7 months to arrive and I booked my venue 13 months before the big day. Smaller things such as entertainment (excluding DJ) can be booked a couple of months beforehand depending on when you are getting married.


Organise your emails

There are a lot of correspondence flying around during wedding preparations so it is worth making wedding files in your emails or setting up a new email account for wedding related items. My husband and I did this for our RSVP’s and it made life so much easier. In hindsight I should have used the same email address for all wedding communication as that way everything would have been in one area and both my husband and I could have accessed it at any given time.


I was obsessed with itineraries and made sure all the relevant people had one. On the wedding day I handed out 19 and gave everyone a little chocolate to keep them sweet! It is so important to have clear timings to ensure things run smoothly. Some of my timings had 5-minute intervals between them, which sound a bit extreme, but it made sure everyone was keeping to a tight schedule. I also added each persons name and highlighted what their specific job was and at what time. I emailed everyone a copy a week before the wedding to ensure everyone knew what they needed to do and when.

Wedding countdown calendar

Buy yourself a family organiser so you can keep track of when you have wedding appointments, when you need to pay bills etc. It also allows you to see when you can actually have some much-needed non-wedding time too.


Rescue remedy

If all else fails, buy some rescue remedy! The chewing gum kept me calm and collected throughout the entire wedding process, well almost!


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