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Looking for something homemade as a wedding favour but don’t know your way around the kitchen? Look no further, I have found some delicious handmade chocolates by Ellyse Enjay.

The two sisters from Wales have a passion for cooking and baking. They specialise in luxury chocolates using callebaut Belgian chocolate, crafted from bean to chocolate in Belgium.


 “All our chocolates contain natural flavourings, there is no ‘perfect shape’ as the handmade look and feel has proved very popular with our customers”

The flavours

I absolutely loved the creative flavours Ellyse Enjay use. They create mouth watering bites by mixing the finest of flavours. My favours included:

 Solid Milk Chocolate with COFFEE flavouring and a White Chocolate ORANGE drizzle.

If you are a coffee lover, this one is for you! The strong taste of coffee comes through the milk chocolate and the orange drizzle adds a small burst of citrus.

White Chocolate with ROSE WATER Fondant centre and Dark Chocolate drizzle. 

A fusion flavour! Rose water is used in many Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese cuisines, so if you have an exotic palette, you will love this! The white chocolate compliments the fragrant rose water and the drizzle of dark chocolate prevents it from being too sweet.

Milk chocolate with SALTED CARAMEL ganache centre and White Chocolate drizzle.

My personal favourite. Milk chocolate, caramel and white chocolate. You might think this combination is too sweet and sickly, however the sea salt neutralises the sweetness and creates a perfect blend of flavours. A modern favourite that everyone will love.

Dark Chocolate with MINT Fondant  centre and White Chocolate drizzle.

Good quality dark chocolate is divine. It is not bitter but has a richness to it. The mint fondant allows it to be the perfect after dinner treat and the white chocolate drizzle adds some sweetness.

Solid White Chocolate with STRAWBERRY flavouring and Milk Chocolate drizzle.

The sweetest tooth will be satisfied with this flavour. The solid white chocolate with the sweet flavour of strawberry is the perfect mix. The drizzle of milk chocolate adds a dash of bitterness that compliments the sweetness of this chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with PASSION FRUIT Fondant and drizzle.

The moment I took this out of the packet I could smell the gorgeous aroma of passion fruit. The fruitiness of the passionfruit works incredibly well with the rich flavour of the dark chocolate. If you’re after fruity yet rich flavours, this one is for you.

img_4093 img_4096

Wedding favours

Ellyse Enjoy offer a bespoke service for your Wedding. They can present your chocolate in a choice of 2 favour boxes with your choice of ribbon.



If you’d prefer to present the chocolates in your own theme or style, Ellyse Enjoy can send them to you in clear wrappers.


Children will love these smily face favours also made from luxury Belgian white chocolate.


So if you’re looking for a sweet treat to tickle your guests taste buds, check out Ellyse Enjay!


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