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Wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding day photographer and videographer is a big decision as they will capture your special day and will create lasting memories for you and your partner to look back on.

Some may argue that a videographer is not needed if you are having a photographer but I feel a videographer is definitely worth the money! They capture the sounds, emotions and atmosphere of the day and allow you to relive your big day over and over again for years to come. Due to the overwhelming emotions on your wedding day you forget things that have happened and you don’t notice all the little details. By having a film to watch it is like being a fly on the wall at your wedding. I have watched my engagement and wedding film several times and each time I notice something different that I didn’t take in on the day. I personally feel photos are not enough to capture the most important day of your life.

With so many photographers and videographers with different packages and prices it can be difficult knowing where to start and who to contact, so here are some tips to help make your decision.


First and foremost ask your venue if they have a supplier list of recommended photographers. It makes it easier having a photographer who has shot at your venue, as they know where to get the best photos. Saying that, I didn’t do this as I fell in love with my photographer’s work and didn’t want to go elsewhere, however my photographer did a venue visit where we walked around and discussed the best places for our photos to be taken.

Decide on the type of photography you like

There are many different types of photography so you need to be clear what you like and how you want your photos to look.

Do you want natural shots that capture the day as it is?

Posed shots?

Quirky shots?

Arty shots?

Dramatic shots?

Once you have decided on the type of photos you want you can narrow down your photographer choices. Check out their website and social media to look at their previous work. If you like what you see, make contact and see if they have your date available.

Meeting a photographer

It is vital to meet your photographer to view more of their work and to get to know them better. A good photographer should make you feel at ease, listen to what you want and you should be able to connect with them. When my husband and I met our photographer we instantly felt a connection, as she knew how to make our vision a reality. We instantly trusted her to capture our special day in the style we wanted.

Questions to ask a photographer

  1. What packages are available? Do they offer a pre wedding shoot?
  2. How many hours are they present on the day? Can you pay for additional hours?
  3. How much is the printed album and what does it include? Does it include a USB copy? How many pages does the album have and how many photos will it contain?
  4. How many photographers will shoot on the day and will it be the person you are meeting with?
  5. Post production – how long will you have to wait to see your photos? How long will it take to complete the album? Can you make changes to photos?
  6. Ask how your photographer gets their shots. Are they part of the guests and mingle or do they take a discreet approach? For me, it was crucial for my photographer to be discreet as I wanted my wedding photos to look natural and show a true reflection of the day
  7. Ask for a digital version of the contract so you can go away and read it at your own time.


Like photography, wedding videos comes in many different styles. Do you want a lengthy 3 hour film or would you prefer them to shoot the key parts of the day and compose a short film?

Common videography styles


This is the most common style and favoured by many couples. A cinematic style is filmed and edited like a film emphasising the emotion and drama of the day.


A Journalistic style is filmed and edited like a documentary and the videographer captures the events of the day as they happen. Some journalistic versions feature interviews with the bride and groom or with their guests offering words of wisdom or commenting on the day

Short form

Short form films last around half an hour featuring the key parts of the day without showing all of it. It would not include the whole ceremony or all of the speeches but would include snippets.


Traditional wedding films have limited editing and are therefore quite lengthy. They capture the day from start to finish.

All good videographers have trailers on their websites. Watch some previews and ask yourself these questions

Do they capture the surroundings?

Do they shoot naturally or is it more staged with guests?

Do they have voice overs?

Do they use a drone to capture an aerial view?

What music do they use?

Does the music work with the shot?

What is their style?

Once you have watched a variety of previews, make contact, check if your date is available and make an appointment. It is equally important to have a connection with your videographer, as you want to feel comfortable when they are filming and ensure they have the same vision as yourself. When I visited my videographer I was drawn to them as they told me they don’t film people when they are eating – this was one thing I really didn’t want so felt they were right for me as they had the same views as myself.

Questions to ask your videographer

  1. Do they offer package deals if you book photography and videography?
  2. How long do they shoot for? Can you pay for extra hours?
  3. Are there any parts they don’t film on the day?
  4. What technology do they use and what shots do they create? Ask to see some examples
  5. Ask what their approach is to filming. Are they discreet or do they use a direct approach where they interact with guests and involve them in the film by asking interview style questions about the day
  6. Post production – what is their turnaround time? Is the film on a CD or USB? How many copies do you receive?
  7. Ask for a digital version of the contract so you can go away and read it at your own time.

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