Wedding favours your guests will love and won’t break the bank


Wedding favours are a tradition that has taken the wedding industry by storm. The wedding favour dates back to the 16th century where couples gave guests 5 sugar almonds to signify Health, Wealth, Happiness, Fertility and Long Life. This is a tradition that is still carried out today but there are now a wide variety of different and unique favour options to suit any couple.

Wedding favours can easily add up, especially if you are having a big wedding, so it is important to consider the cost per favour when you are deciding on what to have. The more you can do yourself the cheaper it will be. Here are some of my favourite cheap and cheerful favours that all your guests will love!

1. Charity Donation 

This was on the top of my list of favours when planning my wedding. Most charities offer wedding favour options starting from £2 per person. This is a great idea as it is a favour that makes a difference. If this is out of your budget, an alternative could be to make a donation on behalf of your guests and make your own place cards telling guests that a donation has been made in their name.

KateHPhomepage Source: Cancer Research 

2. He Popped The Question

This was actually my engagement favour for my guests. I made 250 favours the day before and the cost was approximately £60!

How I kept costs down:

Ribbon: EBay

Bags: Hobbycraft

Stickers: instantprint

Popcorn: On offer at the supermarket


3. Homemade Marmalade / Jam / Chutney

This was my wedding favour and I was very fortunate that my husband’s grandmother makes marmalade so I didn’t have to get my hands dirty! Getting family involved helps keep costs down and includes everyone in the wedding process. We used Seville oranges that were more expensive but definitely worth it for the taste.

How I kept the costs down:

Jars: Hobbycraft, pack of 12

Stickers: Instantprint

Lid cover: Parcel paper and hessian string


4. Candles

Lots of home stores like home bargains, Ikea, Dunelm sell candles from 35p. Add your own personalised sticker, wrap in cellophane and add ribbon to match your colour scheme.

IMG_3597 Source: Pinterest

5. Mint To Be

Perfect for guests to use during the wedding. You can buy mints from as little as 25p from the supermarket. Add a ‘mint to be’ tag or sticker matching your colour scheme or theme.

IMG_3593 Source: Pinterest

6. Personalised Chocolate

EBay offer a range of personalised chocolate from 17p each. Choose your flavour, design and place your order. Easy!

IMG_3582 (1) Source: Ebay

7. A Perfect Match

Everyone needs matches at home and it is never something you remember to buy! Why not purchase some small matches, add a personalised sticker saying ‘A perfect match with your name and date of wedding.’ A practical gift for guests

IMG_3598 Source: Pinterest 

8. Let Love Sparkle

Sparklers are a great idea for evening receptions. Guests get a sparkler and at the end of the night everyone lights them and you and your partner walk through them as you say goodbye

IMG_3594 Source: Pinterest 

9. Let The Love Grow

Buy a range of seeds from a garden centre. Seeds cost from as little as 49p. There are lots of edible seed templates online that you can personalise to suit your wedding theme. Once printed, assemble and add seeds.

IMG_3596 Source: Pinterest

10. Wedding cake

Favours don’t have to be placed on each seat. You could make a table of favours and guests help themselves as they leave at the end of the night. Buy some individual wedding cake boxes and give everyone a slice to take home. (I had ridiculous amounts of wedding cake left over and wish I had organised this so my cake didn’t go to waste)

IMG_3584 Source: Ebay


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