A TEA total hen do!



Looking for an alternative hen do? Why not have a vintage afternoon tea party?

When you think of a hen party, a few things that come to mind are alcohol, fuchsia pink, L plates and more alcohol! This was day 2 of my hen and it didn’t end well! Mixing bubbles simply does NOT work! Half an hour into the dancing I was crying to come home.

If like me, you can’t handle your alcohol or simply want an alternative hen celebration why not try a teetotal hen; an afternoon tea in the comfort of your own home. A hen do to suit those who want to move away from the commercial ‘tacky’ hen parties or to include the older generation in your celebrations.

Booking somewhere to hold an afternoon tea can get expensive so my maid of honour decided to bring the afternoon tea experience to our home with the help of Miss JCP. We were able to hire out gorgeous vintage tea sets, centre pieces and décor at a great price. All items came carefully wrapped up and the best thing was that there was no washing up after! Miss JCP asked us to put all the dishes back in the boxes and she whisked them away the following morning.





We bought lots of sweet treats from Waitrose and made our own sandwiches. A selection of tea was available for all guests as well as soft drinks. For those who did want some bubbles (mainly me) Prosecco and champagne was provided. A hen party is not complete without some hen games so we played Mr & Mrs and Wedding Pictionary. A fun afternoon for everyone involved!


Mr & Mrs

Before the event, ask the groom some questions about himself, his fiancee and their relationship. For example:

1. Where did you first meet?

2. What does she love most about you?

3. What year did you get together?

4. What did he say is your most annoying habit?

5. Who would play him in a film about his life?

6. What would he say was his most embarrassing moment?

7. What was the first film you saw together?

8. Favourite song?

9. Does he prefer you in a dress or jeans?

10. What is his all-time favourite food?

Record the answers on a phone. If possible, connect to a TV screen and let the game begin!

DSCN0119 (1)

Wedding Pictionary

Write wedding related words on small bits of card and fold. Get your hen party into small groups and each team chooses a drawer. Start the timer and each drawer has to try and draw the Pictionary word that is on their card for their team to guess. Words can not be written or spoken and players can’t use noises either, they can only draw pictures to help their team guess.

Some wedding themed ideas that you could draw:




Love at first sight

Cutting the cake

Best mans speech

Walking down the aisle


Button holes

Some Indian themed ideas:

Throwing rice









Advice for the bride

Guests offer their advice to the bride to be. Use cute paper and peg it around the room.

Date night ideas

Guests put anonymous date night ideas into a jar. After the wedding, take one out each time you need a new idea for date night.













Coronation chicken

Cream cheese & ham

Cheese & onion

Cream cheese & cucumber

Sweet treats

Scones served with clotted cream & jam

Mini cupcakes

Jam tarts

Mini caramel shortcake bites

Viennese Whirls

French fancies

Petite patisseries

Sweet bite selection


Celebration Drinks

Tea & Coffee

English Breakfast

Moroccan Mint

Summer Berries

Lemon Green Tea

Spicy Chai

Earl Grey

Hazelnut Coffee

Soft Drinks



Selection of fruit juices


Sauvignon Blanc

Cote du Rhone





Our guests loved the vintage look and all agreed it was more relaxed by having it at our home, as there were no time or seating restrictions. Set up was minimal and fuss free, so for those brides who want a little extra during wedding celebrations I highly recommend an afternoon tea with the help of Miss JCP. I can guarantee it will be a hit among your family and friends!

My top tips for hosting an afternoon tea party

1. Invest in the decor. It is worth paying for the vintage tea sets as it really sets the scene and makes it extra special.

2. DIY! Make bunting using floral paper and ribbon, add flowers into old jam jars and use floral material or lace to make table runners.

3. To save money make your own sandwiches however if your time is limited, M&S and Waitrose do a great selection of sandwich platters.

4. Make your own menus so everyone knows what they are eating and it makes it look more professional.

5. Make favours to put into each tea cup. I had 5 almonds with 1 chocolate heart in a small organza bag. It’s the small personal touches that will make your event stand out.

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